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    Jeanne Chevalier - The Heretic

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    Jeanne Chevalier - The Heretic

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    Jeanne Chevalier
      "Science is reason; Alchemy is God! Magic will not save you."

    - Pussycat - Alistair
    - Maide-Martyr - Lucian
    - Princess Babyface - Derogatory

    Age: 15
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: ♍ August 23, 347
    Birth Place: Caelin
    Orientation: Straight

    Physicality & Wellness
      "Forgive me, 'tis your birth and faith that wrong you, not I."

    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Body Type: Willowy
    Physical Condition: Average
    Distinguishing Features: A slightly upturned nose
    Physical Imperfections: A spattering of freckles (in various places)
    Illnesses & Afflictions: None, as of yet

    Jeanne's Closet:

    Makeup: None, as of yet
    Hairstyle: A generous heap of white-blonde hair is hers to haggle with. The texture is smooth, and without the fuss of brittle ends, but the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming. For this reason Jeanne keeps it cropped just below the blades of her shoulder rather than favoring the floor-length style of her dame (and identical likeness). Her bangs are cut symmetrically to frame her face and hang straight in contradiction to the tendency to curl the rest of her hair struggles with. Atop this all, Jeanne is almost never without a ribbon.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] From the top of her fur cap to the tippie toes of her seal-skin boots, Jeanne's traveling attire is too fine for blending in (as Lucian has often pointed out) but with an entourage to protect her honor it's hardly a concern to her. The outfit is often donned when her "business associate" from the ice lands cannot drag his fluffy butt to the warmer weathers of Grimrah.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] When making an impression is of concern Jeanne does not disappoint. Though it would generally be unwise to flaunt the wealth of ones family within Grimrah, where villains run the workings, her mothers name can be of worth amongst certain sorts. The sash at her waist is emblemized with her mothers family crest, and when Jeanne's hair is tucked into a cap there are few who would know the difference between them.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Jeanne's comfortable attire is, perhaps, aged too young for her. The white frock with matching pinafore is more suited for a girl yet to make her debug on society, as is the oversized pastel Alice Bow in her hair. Even the high-necked collar is antiquated, and yet Jeanne is most comfortable when dressed so. She doesn't seem to miss the array of colors debutantes are allowed by society, nor the more daring necklines.

      "... But Lucian would have none of it. He was too much a knight already, too much a man. He fought my battles as doggedly as if they were his own, for we were bound in our own eyes, and foes of mine were surely foes to him."

    Inner Workings:
    Lawful Good
    She had conviction in her step and beauty for a face, with the intelligence to make a cat jealous. She could have ran a kingdom like a man, only better. Though her voice was small her words commanded the heavy weight of persuasion, with compassion, and through it entire peoples would be moved. She called them not to war or to death or to sacrifice, but to life! To the life and destiny man deserved.

    Mental Disturbances:
      Jeanne suffers from an underlying inferiority complex that stems from her near exact likeness to her mother, a beauty of exaggerated renown within Caelin.

    Dirty Secrets:
      She is the product of an extramarital affair; Beneath her decorous charm, Jeanne harbors a mean-spirited personality; Jeanne threatened to poison herself should she be arranged to marry anyone other than a certain someone.

      A raven in the night carries spellcraft; The seventh son of a seventh son is cursed; When a person dies the window must be left open to allow their soul to escape; If a person is wicked in life, weeds will sprout on their grave, whereas a just person produces flowers.

    Super Objective:
      To throw down the merciless schemers men have made into gods! Jeanne would have man rule man, with science and reason for his guides. The peoples must be educated, enlightened, saved.

    Fears & Phobias:
      Being average terrifies her. She desperately needs to be special, remarkable in someway, so's to justify her life as a person - not a shadow!

    Hopes & Desires:
      Jeanne hopes to be someone, someday.


      Spiteful, Jaded, Lazy, Childish, Glutton, Lonely, Easily Frustrated, Sophisticated, Attention Starved, Tsunder, Naïve, Romantic, Dreamer, Introvert, Lover of the Quiet, Flirtatious, Easily Pleased, Educated, Rebellious, Grudge Holder, Child of the Universe, Star-Crossed Lover, Wayward Soul, Sinner, Loyal, Compassionate, Resourceful, Intellectual, Determined


    • Due to Lucian's teasing when the two were younger, Jeanne is unable to sleep without some sort of blanket to cover her. Though the fear of monsters nomming her exposed body parts has faded, the conditioned response of fear when uncovered still remains.

    • Jeanne's moral compass will not allow her to steal, but if an item of interest is left unattended she has a tendency to 'procure' it, which is an entirely different thing!

    • When teased, picked on, patronized, or flirted with Jeanne regresses into an adorably childlike state of pouting, stammering, and tsunder-y outbursts.


      The time spent at Howldon University has allowed Jeanne a sense of freedom she'd never felt within the gilded cage of Chevalier Estate. As a child too fearful of rejection to create a genuine self, she has only recently begun to exercise a personality of any depth. The result is a lady upon first impression, and a rather naive and bratty persona buried somewhere beneath that glossy surface. Once a person is taken into her trust she is more likely to let her facade slip and wear her true face in front of them.

      While she can easily be perceived as selfish, arrogant, hot-headed and rude, it is due mostly to a lack of social experience and a privileged upbringing rather than a mean spirit. Jeanne is unusually sensitive - vulnerable and compassionate - beneath her put-on toughness. Those who know her best keep this secret for the sake of her pride.

    Feelings Toward

      Self: Jeanne wars with the secret doubt that she is not an individual at all. Beneath her guise, she feels very much a pale wraith of her mother, and it drives her to extremes in personality.
      Others: She wins people over easily, but is inept at pretending to like someone who does not interest her for long.
      Romance: Jeanne is of an age now that the prospect interests her, but she's no interest in limiting the thrill to a single person.
      Friendship: Her actual friendship is hard to obtain. She has more fingers on one hand than people she truly cares for.
      Religion: It is a damning thing that weights the soul like a shackle!
      The World: It is a moldable thing much in need of a new legend to shape it.

    Likes & Dislikes:

    Self: Her ability to lead, direct, and influence.
    Food: Pomegranates; scones; sweet things
    Drink: Tea; champagne; white wine
    Pastime: Reading; sleeping; flirtations
    People: Puppy!, Lucian on occasion... and that wolf..
    Color: Blue/White/Grey

    Self: Her resemblance to her mother.
    Food: Anything even remotely spicy.
    Drink: She has a low tolerance for alcohol.
    People: Jacqueline Gentry-Chevalier
    Habit: People who chatter; emotional displays

    Social Evaluation
      "You are romanticizing situations that you should not!"

    Profession: Spoiled Brat, Aspiring Songstress
    Accomplishments: Admittance to Howldon University for private study - age 13.
    Political Alignment:Impartial, with some sway to Caelin when pressed.

    Level of Education: Jeanne learned to read before she was really inclined to speak. Thus, books of all varieties were her constant companions beginning from the early age of 3. She learned to sate her curious wondering through reading rather than conversation, and asking. The result is an overly precocious girl well versed in the sciences, mathematics, linguistics, and all manners of the written word. Her subject weakness is undoubtedly recent history, as she feels nothing of note has occurred. Mythology/folklore is her secret indulgence... the heroes of old call to her with the vibrant whimsy suited to a child much younger than she is now.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] blah blah blah
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] blah blah blah
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] blah blah blah
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] blah blah blah


    Composing music

      While a dedicated student to the principles of science, the occult has always fascinated her. With the greatest seat of learning - Howldon University - imposing a strict ban on all things that so much as smell of magic, her curiosities are tempered by caution... However, there are always ways to bend a rule for those so inclined. Whenever her little hands can wrap around a bit of forbidden literature it is eagerly devoured time and time again until even the most minute of details are committed to memory. With such voracity and dedication Jeanne has become a veritable encyclopedia of hearsay on arcane and mythological matters, and yet she longs for much more.


      ☑ The range, volume, and clear tone of voice prized in opera.
      ☑ An inherent talent for cultivating plant life.
      ☑ A natural savvy for science that carries over into cooking and baking!
      ☑ A portion of her brain is dedicated to the Memorization of unrelated and - at times - insignificant information.


      Piano Playing
      Floral Arranging
      Traditional Fan Dancing
      Penmanship & Composition

    Armaments & Inventory
      "I am the master of my own fate!"

    Primary Weaponry› Fighting Fans :
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Weapon Name: 무부채
    Weapon Type: Short range/ melee
    Weapon Description:
    - Measurements: 14 inch spread, 8 inch height from crest to base
    - Material: Birch wood frame/ gungir reinforced spokes and rim / Various ornaments

    Imbued Properties:
    - Red Fans: These fans are made entirely of flame-retardant materials. Pellets of combustible powder are housed between the spokes of the fans spread. Striking a surface ignites a short lived blaze, hotter in intensity than a spark but similar in lifespan.

    - Blue Fans: Thin membranes housing a sinus irritant are concealed within the spines of the fan. When the fan is spread, the concoction may be gently directed in gusts over short distances. In humans the irritant may cause nasal bleeding, though no discomfort is felt. In animals and efferii kind the compound stimulates a subtly building inclination for rage and irrationality.

    - Painted Scene Fans: The oil painted scenery is lacquered with a mild hallucinogenic that takes effect through inhalation of the residual fumes it gives off. In such a small quantity, the drug acts as a hormone stimulant, similar to pheromones, that encourage an agreeable disposition and feelings of euphoria.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Hand-Painted Tarot Cards
    Acquired: 'procured' from her mother's letter desk
    Effect: None. The cards are of a superior quality in material and illustration, but otherwise serve no use beyond the quasi-science of tarot reading.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Puppy's Whistle
    Acquired: made to order from a nondescript smith
    Effect: Gabrielle has been familiarized with the subtly unique sound of the whistle, despite its lack of distinction to human hearing, and recognizes it as Jeanne calling to him from a distance.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Courtier's Honey
    Acquired: Delivered to Jacqueline by Alistair, which Jeanne 'procured'.
    Effect: Courtier's Honey is a compound substance made of several natural extracts which acts as a euphoric aphrodisiac. The exact recipe is known to very few apothecaries, which is the primary reason for its high cost and relative anonymity.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Monogrammed Reticule
    Acquired: Custom ordered through a seamstress in Caelin
    Effect: None. The item possesses no extraordinary quality, and serves only as a receptacle for whatever trinkets and baubles Jeanne feels the need to tote around with her.

    Wealth & Holdings
      "Part of me loved him so fiercely it was art, the rest kept a clear distance."

    Stock & Trades
      ☑ Company Name: Chevalier Trade
      ☑ Partners: Lord & Lady Chevalier; A silent partner
      ☑ Industry: Shipping and luxury manufacturing
      ☑ Location: Caelin, Industrial District (3rd Isle)
      ☑ Worth: 27 gold sovereigns per share point percentage

      blah blah blah, quick synopsis here

    The Apothecary:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Ownership Status: Officially registered to one 'Jacqueline Gentry'.
    Location: The fringes of Grimrah's Merchant District.
    Details concerning HavenHome Complex can be found on the Nyxbook

    Interior References:
    - Shop Level: ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒
    - Second Floor: ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒
    - Top Floor: ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Interior References: ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒ - ☒

    Ownership Status: Heir-presumptive
    Estimated Worth: The weight of a family name
    Location: Caelin, Eden District (4th Isle)

      The house Chevalier is of a line with roots as deep as Caelin's own history. For as long as Chevalier has bred upon the shores the name of Dalca has ever served them. Though the caste system of nobility is no longer officially recognized the Chevalier's have maintained their status, through means rather than name, with strong interests in shipping and manufacturing. With a small but able fleet of 4 ships to serve their bidding, and more than 200 tradesmen under their employ, the house Chevalier is considered a highly profitable one.

      Their familial estate stands in monument to their success, as a giant of archaic towers and high walls at odds with Caelin's quickly modernizing metropolis. The Chateau gleams in white brick bleached by the brine of the sea, and though the city is far from its doorsteps no structure stands taller in sight. From its place upon a a jagged spur the ocean looms for miles at its back in a view as glorious and changing as the lady of Chevalier herself. With the thriving verde on either side of the great house - a veritable eden of fruit trees, shrubbery, and exotic flowers - the only civility within walking distance is the modest manor of the Dalca Ser's household.

    Prize Possessions
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] ● Apollonia, The Nursery Horse, was delivered to Jeanne on her 8th birthday along with a note. The elegantly penned slip read simply " For My little Love " signed, N. The mystery of it has teased the little girl ever since. Though she suspects her mother knows full well from whom the present came, she refuses to speak of it.

    Effect: Apollonia ( called Apple ) is spelled to react to Jeanne's command. When ordered, the rocking horse transfigures into an animated, realistically sized, dapple-grey mare.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] ● The silver trunk is a family heirloom Jeanne inherited before leaving for Howldon. Though the item has no unusual attributes, it is an antique and worth a fair bit of money due to the high value placed in silver and its uses against the undead. Jeanne stores her literature - that which is banned for its heretical dabblings in the occult - within it.

    Background Script
      "It is said that only darkness may command the darkness..."

    Act I "A Pedigree":

    What did the rich and privileged - the only child - know about life? More than she ought. Even with the semblance of a happy home to swaddle her there were whispers amongst the common class. Jeanne's birth was nothing short of a miracle to a Lord remarried twice without heir - but surely even he could not be so blind!

      Julian Chevalier was born for great things. Though his family had always prospered, it was under his guidance that their interests were brought forth into the new age as giants of industry. As a young man of excellent pedigree, wealth, and a handsome face he dallied with his fair share of lasses before settling down once, twice, and finally a third time. Though all were beautiful prizes, none could compare to his third wife -- Jacqueline.

      His lady is a woman of haunting beauty and high social status. Though her family fortune had trickled down to a pittance their coffers were refilled with the price paid for her hand, and even in the time between the Lady had never truly suffered. Jacqueline, once the belle of Caelin, is as fickle as she is lovely, but most of all she is cunning. It could hardly be proven that his wife had been unfaithful and yet it was known by fact of the obvious. The daughter Jacqueline bore unto him was a miracle child, a secret child, a bastard. Jeanne.

      In her infancy, the superstitious folk avoided the girl as one cursed. It was unnatural for a babe not to cry, for a child to watch so intently that there could be no doubt of her understanding. They called her a changeling, but as she grew so, too, did their fantastical tales. There was nothing of a father in her countenance... The pale-faced doll drifted through her first 5 years in quiet and in constant comparison to the mother she so resembled.

      But the world is full of scandals and even Jeanne could not claim Most-Interesting for long. The Ser of the Chevalier estate was a man fallen from favor. Once he was a noble soul that gleamed like a beacon of chivalry at the gates of the grand chateau, but no longer. The sword at his side had become estranged from his hand, a hand that remained ever curled about his cups! The full weight of his accomplishments could not compare to the shame he brought his family now, without even the grace to die. He was a knight yet, if only in name, and so the Lord would not sever ties like a limb gone to rot. The Lord Chevalier was loyal even if he was nothing else.

      And so it was that the two sons of Dalca grew to adolescence in a home beyond their own station. Though the eldest boy was of an age that held no interest in little girls, Jeanne never missed him. Lucian would be at her side, and she, his. But not yet...

    Act II "Becoming A Child":

    There was no rationalizing this affair of adults in a child's mind. There was only sadness. Sadness, and the blinding pressing need to escape. To steal away to a place quiet enough that she might breathe without the weight of their expectant gazes bearing down on her chest too heavy for lungs to inflate!

      It was eerie to see the hollow little shell wander the grounds as a perfect miss, as a faultless daughter, without the warmth of a soul behind her eyes. She was a reincarnation come too soon - a shade, a pale imitation of the great lady who so commanded these halls! If it pained her to live in the shadow of Jacqueline none could have known it prior to that day - when the little miss took sheers to her crown and cut away that heavy veil of white. When the maid came upon her the final cut was made, a deliberate sound that reverberated off walls and in memory, and fragile strands not unlike feathers drifted to the ground.

      Though the maid had been frantic in her want for a way to explain this to her parents, the little girl smiled at long last! A toothy grin that stretched all the way to her eyes, she smiled at the boy beyond the woman, leaning in the doorway. Oh, how he had wounded! Not even a full days passing and yet she'd lived with his words through the eternity of the night. He'd said he would call her Jacqueline, since, in her unassuming quiet, she provided him with no name of her choosing. She'd never hated a word so much!

      Only the two of them understood why the flawlessly predictable, faultlessly obedient little girl picked such a day to come alive, and none saw fit to share the story with others. It bound them together - thick as thieves - as the two of them caught up on a bit of mischief Jeanne had forgotten to make as a babe. They were inseparable. That is, until they were separated.

    Act III "The Ambitious Tomorrow":

    Clouds darkened the horizon in shapes like pounding fists upending on the world. It fell in buffets and in droves, in pounding, thrashing, writhing, damning, cold and hopeless torrents! The wind bared its teeth to howl a bitter chill, for even the heavens wept upon a little lonesome girl.

      The note haunted her. She recalled the whispers of her younger years; they circulated still, and yet none would speak of it! Such a fragile skin of paper... Jeanne held it before her with tiny fists clenching either end! She meant to tear it, she wanted to tear it, and yet as soon as the corners bent she smoothed it out in sudden desperation.

      This was all she had. '-N'. She meant to find him, this person who addressed her so informally... with such tenderness. The gift itself was a strange thing, and though Jacqueline had want to forbid it Jeanne had fought her! The little horse, so soon and accidentally brought to life, would not leave her room, it obeyed only her. There was something in her mother's eyes, something wild and scared. Jeanne would never forget it.

      When the years passed into her adolescence, the horse - Apple as she was called - grew to match. She was the girls only companion after Lucian had been cut from her life by the happenings of poor fate. His brother had proved an unfitting heir, and so the spare had been recalled to at last be acknowledged. Jeanne missed him.. she missed him as much as she resented the world for never having cared for him till now! He deserved better. Or was it simply that she deserved him?

      Even her governess had departed. Neither private tutor nor Caelin University could hold her growing mind captive to their teachings any longer. Jeanne had outgrown them. Her father, the Lord Chevalier, took notice in her academics as he'd rather payed mind to much else in her. He approved of a strong mind in all peoples, and he would see his daughter's properly honed. Howldon awaited her. Far across the sea, a city with so much more potential would become her temporary home.

    Out Of Character Synopsis

    Intended Purpose:
    Holy water cannot help you now. A thousand armies couldn't keep me out. I don't want your money, I don't want your crown, See I've come to burn Your kingdom down.

    Super-Objective Jeanne is a hierophant, a zealot, a heretic, a martyr. I mean to play this character in opposition to all branches of deity-driven religion. With Kyrian's assistance Jeanne will come into the power of alchemy - the personal magic ( non deity-granted )that is two parts science one part self. With this power, this miracle of mankind's own strength, Jeanne means to educate the ignorant peoples who bow before beings without mercy! Beings who have no right to rule over mortals. Her gross overuse of power for such a cause will come to threaten not only her life, but her soul.

    For Now Slice-of-life settings suit her best. Jeanne will begin her story at Howldon University, as a student admitted for private study. Due to her family name she is considered a political ambassador of whom exemplary behavior is expected. The dramatic scenarios that will be of greater importance to her super-objective will be played out with prearranged partners. At current those characters are Kyrian, Quinn, Gabrielle, and Lucian. If you wish to take part in our storyline contact one of the aforementioned names.

    Past Storylines:

    Of Idle Thoughts and Chance Encounters
    Song: Trouble is a Friend
    Date: July 5th of the year 362
    Location: Howldon University
    Participants: Kyrian; Jeanne

    Doodle Dreams; Quiet Dreams
    Song: Inevitable
    Date: April 5th of the year 356
    Location: Caelin Academy
    Participants: Fenix; Jeanne

    Of Questions And Answers
    Song: The Scientist
    Date: July 5th of the year 362
    Location: Howldon University; Kyrian's apartments
    Participants: Kyrian; Jeanne
    Jeanne has overslept the time of their scheduled lessons, but thoughtlessly rushes to meet him anyways in spite of the late hour. The unexpected intrusion on his privacy finds Kyrian covering the walls in heretical runes and equations - with which Jeanne has more familiarity than is safe in Howldon. Alchemy, magick of the old world, begs rediscovery!

    Bet The House
    Song: Keep On Swingin'
    Date: January of the year 360
    Location: Caelin, a slummy bar
    Participants: Quinn; Jeanne
    Merit Purchases:

    - Telekinesis: Where illusions are a magic of deception and deceit Telekinesis is a very physical manifestation of this kind of magic. At its most base form, telekinesis can be used to move objects from great distances without physically interacting with them.

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    Re: Jeanne Chevalier - The Heretic

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